About Us

Our firm

Path Solicitors is a bespoke and client-focused law firm of seasoned and dynamic legal practitioners with solid corporate, commercial and dispute resolution experiences. The Firm is built on solid foundations of ethics, excellence and client satisfaction. We choose a collaborative approach with an intense focus on the end-user and ethics. We strive to shape our services to add the most value to our clients. We understand the importance of our clients’ businesses which spur us into approaching every brief in a business-like manner, putting the interest of the client and ethics of the profession first, thus providing honest, positive and practical advice. We collaborate with our clients to grow their businesses and achieve their set targets for a resounding success. Our approach to rendering the best possible service is through teams which are configured to ensure that each client across the various sectors enjoys the full benefit of our lawyers’ specialist knowledge and cognate experience. Our approach to legal issues is holistic and all-round taking into consideration all sides and all details. We do not only strive to implement clients’ instructions, but we go extra mile to present them with a candid and well thought legal advice touching all areas of their brief. The Firm aims to provide legal services to our clients which will help in deepening and entrenching fair play and justice in businesses and human relations. The Firm strives to handle each matter with utmost commitment and excellence so as to meet the changing and challenging legal and procedural regimes governing the environment in which our clients operate.

Our History

The Firm was established in November 2009 with the coming together of Ibrahim Musa Abdullahi Esq with four other equally dynamic and seasoned legal practitioners: MD Marafa Esq, Hassan Isa Esq, Habib Muhammed Esq and Halima Mashegu [Miss] Esq, to form a futuristic law partnership. The objective of the partnership was to provide unrivalled legal services tailored towards and around the client but with strong emphasis on ethics. Mr Siraj Hamza was later admitted into partnership when the four other partners exited at various times to take positions in the Public service. The Firm has maintained its guiding principle of excellence, client satisfaction and ethics in providing legal services to the country and beyond from its 2 main offices in Nigeria’s major cities of Abuja and Lagos.

Why Us
We have 4 qualities that stand us out from the crowd.


One of the foundational and guiding principles of our Firm is Integrity. It means that we undertake to be honest and to show a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values in our relationship with our clients. We shall always uphold honesty, truthfulness and accuracy in our advice to our Client. This means that our client will always rely on us as we will always ensure that we provide them with advice and legal services that conform with the values, beliefs and principles of equity and fairness. They will always be rest assured that the highest and best standards of ethics will be employed and implored in execution of their briefs and before that, our advice and approach to their briefs will be mainly based on that too.


The world we live changes and evolves every time, as it changes, businesses and relations need to be ready and prepared for those changes. We are always prepared for the changes and evolutions. We ensure vigorous effort is invested in realising our clients’ ideas and objectives by constantly and consistently keeping ourselves with changes and developments in the areas of interest of our clients. We ensure that we are up to date and ever ready to advise them on trends, best practices and regimes shaping or regulating their businesses. We are always flexible and prepared to collaborate with them in tailoring their briefs to the best and most reliable way to success.


We have a tradition of commitment to excellence and extensive experience in our areas of practice. When we take on client’s brief, we don’t only put our best in handling it, we go further than that. We make sure that effort put in handling the brief is such that surpasses ordinary standards. We aim for the best advice, procedure, approach and delivery. We give the briefs special and unique treatment. We don’t handle matters of our clients lightly, we know that their briefs matter much to their success, we ensure we go out of our way to offer them the best services they deserve. We give them nothing but distinction and excellence.


We use modern and effective methods in handling our client’s brief. Our approach to legal issues is holistic and all-round taking into consideration all sides and all details. We do not only strive to implement clients’ instructions, but we go extra mile to present them with a candid and well thought legal advice touching all areas of their brief. We value creativity and we ensure that every brief we handle gets a special touch. We always apply the best solutions and approaches to our client’s briefs. We provide a more effective legal services to our clients so as to realise their objectives and aims. We use most modern techniques and approaches to solve problems. We believe there is not only a way, but there is always a better way to handling all our clients’ interests.

Our Mission

To provide excellent and ethical legal services that will assist in creating an egalitarian society where the rule of law, justice and equity are entrenched so as to make the world a better place to live, enjoy and make money

Our Creed

Our creed is encapsulated by the famous prayer of St Thomas More because of its radiance and hovering over all we believe and how we carry our responsibilities as lawyers.

“Lord, grant that I may be able in argument, Accurate in analysis, Strict in study, Candid with clients and Honest with adversaries. Sit with me at my desk and listen with me to my client’s plaints, read with me in my library, and stand beside me in court, so that today I shall not, In order to win a point, lose my soul”

Sir Thomas More [1478 - 1535]